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Today is the day you can help a child get on their way. And will they succeed? Yes indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)

When you support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta, you give a child facing adversity a powerful resource: a professionally supported, one-to-one mentoring relationship that changes his life for the better forever.

Do you want to be the person who changes a child's life?

Your financial support shows that you share our conviction that every child, regardless of their circumstances, has the potential to be successful. Our program brings people from many walks of life together by matching children in one-to-one mentoring matches with adult volunteers.

Below, you will find stories of children in our program and the places they were able to go with the help of a mentor.


Little Sister Cheyenne and Big Sister Carla

were matched for seven years before Cheyenne’s graduation from high school in May 2017. In seven years, Carla states that she has seen Cheyenne transform, “into a beautiful, intelligent, confident, and delightful woman. She developed at her own pace and didn’t let peers, me, or other outside elements steer her off her path.”

When asked about Carla, Cheyenne responded, “Watching the way Carla lives her life, as a strong, independent African-American woman gave me the determination, at just the age of 10, that I would live my life as beautifully as she is leading hers; with grace, confidence and kindness guiding the way.”

Cheyenne describes her friendship with Carla by saying, “this is by far the biggest relationship of my life.”

In May 2017, Cheyenne graduated from Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School. She ranked third overall in her class, was a STAR student with the highest SAT score of 1330, and she earned a spot to speak at her senior graduation commencement. A member of her school swimming, lacrosse, and soccer teams, Cheyenne received full scholarships to both Iowa State and the University of Georgia. Majoring in English with a Minor in Business, she chose to stay close to home and attend UGA.

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Little Brother Nathaniel and his Big Couple, James & Ashley

have been matched since January 2017. This past season, they went to a Braves game together at the new Suntrust Park. All three are huge Braves fans and Nathaniel was able to run the bases, a bucket list moment for many.

“Nathaniel got his face painted and it lit up his whole world,” said James. “The face painter said that he gave her the best reaction she’d ever seen.”

James and Ashley have also taken Nathaniel to hockey games, flown kites, and bowling, among many other activities. The trio also participated in the 2017 Legacy Awards Gala, where they had the opportunity to meet some of the agency’s biggest supporters.

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Little Sister Yadhira and Big Sister Paola

have been matched since December 2015. Paola has played a huge role in introducing new opportunities to Yadhira.

When asked why she became a Big Sister, Paola said, “This was a way to have a direct impact on somebody’s life and to mentor that person who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to see what the world has to offer… It’s not only me changing the life of somebody. This little person is having an impact on my life. And changing one person’s life, it can actually change the world somehow.”

“I thought she was so nice [when we first met]. She would take me to places – a museum to see a dinosaur, another museum to see the otters, and to the zoo,” said Yadhira.


Little Brother Jesus and Big Brother Louis

have been matched for 12 years and these two have too many great stories! The pair spoke at our Graduation Celebration in June about what their mentoring relationship has meant to them, and there was not a dry eye in the room.

Jesus graduated in May 2017 from Tucker High School and he credits his accomplishments to Louis: "My Big Brother always taught me to focus on school. To be honest, freshmen year I was on my own and thought I [could] worry about school later. Long story short, I was in my second semester and my GPA had dropped. During this time I learned a valuable lesson that I will never forget. I had to work so hard to get back to where I was. 'It’s easier to stay in shape than to get back in shape:' A quote from my Big which continues as, 'the hardest part is starting.'"

Louis has nothing but accolades for Jesus: "“I have had a hand in raising him. In many ways he is like my son. He is a better man than I was at that age. He is better than me and is the best of all of us. I know that he is going to change the world through his wisdom and kindness."

Jesus is going on to serve in the U.S. Air Force in Knowledge Operations, while pursuing a degree in Information Management.

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