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Out with the old - Bowl For Kids’ Sake, in with the new revamped team fundraiser! While it’s a little harder to bowl in large groups this Spring, our annual fundraiser is more crucial now than ever. Give For Kids’ Sake will have all the weekly leaderboard shout outs and recognitions that our traditional Bowl For Kids’ Sake teams are used to (with lots more!), and will feature an exciting new ways to celebrate our teams who raise funds.

After the 8-week fundraising campaign, on May 1, 2021 get ready for the outdoor, socially distant, team party - complete with your own tent for your team members, with chairs, food and trophy presentation and a few extra surprise team player activities to celebrate achieving our goal. Come with your team spirit, for a chance to pick up the team spirit award! Funds are used to recruit, screen, and train mentors and provide activities for matches. 100% of funds stay in Atlanta!

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